The World Is Like a Divine Language

Exploring the same theme as Emerson’s “Essay on Nature”, this discourse on the symbolism of nature is exceptionally penetrating…



René Guénon

“1. … symbolism seems to us to be quite specially adapted to the needs of human nature, which is not exclusively intellectual but which needs a sensory basis from which to rise to higher levels.

2. Fundamentally, every expression, every formulation, whatever it may be, is a symbol of the thought which it expresses outwardly. In this sense, language itself is nothing other than symbolism. There can be no opposition, therefore, between the use of words and the use of figurative symbols; rather, these two modes of expression should be complementary one to another (moreover, they may in fact be combined, for primitive writing is ideographic and sometimes, as in China, it has always retained this characteristic). Generally speaking, the form of language is analytical and ‘discursive’ , as is human reason of which it is the true and fitting instrument and the flow of which it reproduces…

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