Rise & Shine







This Hummingbird greeted me on the sidewalk on my way home:


The mysteries of the Hummingbird –

Never flapping their wings, but rotating them in a figure 8,

they reach near-infinities in flight –

Wingbeats of 70 times per second when casually flitting about.

Wingbeats of 200 times per second when in a high-speed dive.

Drinking of the nectar of life.

Heartbeats beating for joy 21 times per second.

Wolf Medicine

Mexican Wolf Population Now Tops 100 in US

15 years ago I led a small group who carried the Wolf energy from Minnesota down to New Mexico to do a blessing ritual for the Mexican Gray Wolves that were being reintroduced into the wild.

Minnesota at one time sheltered the last remaining wild wolves in the lower 48 states, so it seemed fitting that we give some spiritual assistance to this noble effort.

Thus, I was so pleased to read the article linked below, that tells of how the wolves, after a very rough start, have been flourishing.

This is just wonderful news to share for all those who feel a connection to our animal brothers and sisters.


The Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi), a smaller subspecies of gray wolf, was hunted out of the wild in the United States by the 1970s.

Once driven to the brink extinction in the United States, the population of Mexican wolves has doubled in the past five years.

— there are now 19 packs, with at least 53 wolves in New Mexico and 56 wolves in Arizona. The 2014 total also included 38 wild-born pups that survived through the end of the year

(keep reading more at the link)

I could discuss the Wolf energy, and how Wolf can assist one as a spirit animal; but rather than doing that, I would love to hear about other people’s  experience with Wolf Medicine ~ So please share!


Indigenous Realism


Indigenous Realism has taught me so much.

So grateful for the diversity of human cultures:
~ those cultures that have focused upon the intellect, developing tools to explore the mystery of existence through science, deepening our understanding and changing our lives through the evolution of technology.

~ those cultures that have focused upon the intuition, developing tools to explore the mystery of existence through spirituality, deepening our understanding and changing our lives through the evolution of the soul.

Dancing with the Yin and the Yang.  Gotta love it.

Explore the Great Mystery.



Swan Song

Driving to work I saw these Trumpeter Swans on Lake Calhoun. So beautiful. I have a deep connection with Trumpeter Swans and have had many encounters with them, but this is the first time that I’ve seen them on a Minneapolis lake.
I stopped to linger with them for awhile. And began chanting “OM” to them, as I had done years ago when I had my first interaction with them. On that occasion , after long minutes of just watching, when began I chanting to them, a pair swam toward each other and began their courtship display of facing each other and lowering the heads and trumpeting to each other as they raised their heads in unison. Their duet was spellbinding. They repeated this time after time, with other swans joining in the display. It was such a enthralling experience.
This morning, after I gave a few intonations of “OM”, a young woman walked up from behind me to see them too. Catching each other’s eyes, she said, “Don’t stop, I won’t think it’s weird if you chant Om!”   Always nice when one encounters a kindred spirit! After exchanging hellos (her name was Shannon) and oohing and aahing about the swans, I then asked her if she’d chant with me. And so we did, it was lovely, once again eliciting a response from the swans. There was no pairing up, but one could see that they were clearly stirred and several of them randomly trumpeted to the skies as we intoned. Chanting with the Swans – so magical.
About an hour later I drove by again, and they all had their heads tucked under their wings, sleeping as still and silent as floating snow drifts.

Trumpeter Swans were reintroduced to Minnesota beginning in 1978. Since that year the population has gone from zero to about 2,400. A truly amazing success. They nest in shallow lakes and marches quite removed from each other during the summers. But in the winters they flock together. Interestingly, they do not migrate south for the winters, but remain here in what open bodies of water they can find. Trumpeters are the heaviest bird in North America, the largest living waterfowl in the world, and can have wingspans of 8 feet, with one male found to have a wingspan of 10 feet.

The adults are pure white and look utterly angelic when buffeting the air with their wings to slow themselves to land. Add to this their trumpeting, and they seem the very earthly embodiment of these etheric beings that herald glad tidings.

Swans of course have long been associated with grace and this is a very true characteristic. There is much that one could add about the energy they carry, but I’ll mention just two things.

One, they are extremely powerful birds, and so they embody so well the energy of the graceful use of power.

Second, consider their distinctive long, elegant necks. It’s not they use their elongated necks to reach higher, but to reach lower. They submerge their heads down to the bottom of shallow water to feed on aquatic plants. – “They will also dig into muddy substrate underwater to extract roots and tubers”.  – So they are the perfect symbol for looking deep into one’s watery emotions, or even deeper into the “muddier substrates” of one’s unconscious impulses, to bring consciousness to what is going on beneath the surface, and to draw sustenance from that exercise.

I so love these birds. Such a blessing to encounter them on this icy morning, on a city lake, on a drive to work.

Koko grieves Robin’s death, was drawn to his warm heart


“Koko instantly connected with Robin,” Koko’s longtime caregiver, Dr. Penny Patterson, said at the time. “Koko, like us, can sense a person’s nature, and in this case, she was quickly drawn to Robin’s warm heart.”

for those who haven’t already seen this video, it should not be missed:


And here is a shortened video that accompanies the news of Robins’ death:
Robin Williams & Koko

Robin Williams was one of the most famous people on the planet. And Koko the gorilla is one of the most famous animals on the planet. So, when the two first met in 2001, it made sense that they would naturally get along.

Koko is fluent in American Sign Language, can communicate in over 1,000 signs and can reportedly understand several English-language commands.

Williams was brought in to meet Koko at the Gorilla Foundation in northern California.

“We shared something extraordinary: laughter,” Williams says at the beginning of the video, when describing his experience of meeting Koko.

When they met, the gorilla, who was then 30 years old, took an instant liking to Williams, asking him repeatedly to tickle her.

Koko even returned the favor, reaching under Williams’ T-shirt to tickle and pinch him. Near the end of their first play date, the gorilla signed, “Koko love,” at the late actor and comedian.

The gorilla even repeatedly smiled at Williams before pulling him in for a loving embrace. At the time, Koko’s handlers said it was the first time she had smiled in six months, since a gorilla who was her childhood companion had passed away.

A few years later, in 2004, Williams produced a public service announcement with Koko to raise awareness about the plight of gorillas in the wild.

“Meeting Koko was unforgettable. Koko used sign language to ask me to play with her. We shared interspecies laughter,” Williams said in 2004.

“Koko instantly connected with Robin,” Koko’s longtime caregiver, Dr. Penny Patterson, said at the time. “Koko, like us, can sense a person’s nature, and in this case, she was quickly drawn to Robin’s warm heart.”

On Monday, Koko reportedly overheard Patterson discussing the sudden and unexpected death of Williams over the phone. Koko’s handlers posted to the Gorilla Foundation site that “She became extremely sad.”

“Robin’s ability to just ‘hang out’ with Koko, a gorilla, and in minutes, become one of her closest friends, was extraordinary and unforgettable,” the handlers wrote in a note on the Koko.org website.

“When you remember Robin Williams, remember that he is not only one of the world’s most beloved entertainers, he is also one of the world’s most powerful ambassadors for great ape communication.”

Elephant cries tears of joy when rescued from 50 years of cruelty


“The team [was] astounded to see tears roll down his face during the rescue,” Pooja Binepal, a spokesman for Wildlife S.O.S., told the MailOnline. “It was so incredibly emotional for all of us. We knew in our hearts he realized he was being freed.

“Elephants are not only majestic, but they are highly intelligent animals, who have been proven to have feelings of grief, so we can only imagine what torture half a century has been like for him.

“Until we stepped in he’d never known what it is like to walk free of his shackles–it’s a truly pitiful case. But today he knows what freedom is and he will learn what kindness feels like and what it’s like to not suffer any more.”