The Dreamer Creates the Dream


Here is one of the fascinating things about the phenomenon of dreaming – you are simultaneously creating the dream and  experiencing the dream as something new and unforeseen.  No matter how many times I ponder this, it still blows me away.

Now think upon these things:

~ how many times have we heard, à la the “Schrödinger’s Cat” thought experiment, that in quantum mechanics it requires an observer to collapse the wave function to bring a potential state into a reality.

~ So just as the dreamer creates the dream,  the Observer Creates the Observed

~ And is this not an exact parallel? How many times have we heard that this world in which we live is either literally or figuratively a dream?

Each observer co-creates the shared dream in which we live.


And now add to this these sparkling words of insight from my soul-sister Tania Marie ~

“…the more vibrationally aligned we are with life, the more synchronous experiences we have.”

Are not these synchronicities the collapse of the wave function, the observer creating the observed, the dreamer creating the dream?

Don’t we experience the unfolding of life in same way that we experience the unfolding of a dream ~ you are simultaneously creating the reality and experiencing the reality as something new and unforeseen.

Are not synchronicities the manifestation and the evidence that we are creating our own reality?



for more random inspiration, see Tania’s blog:



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A Thought for your Penny



There is the old saying, “A penny for your thoughts”.   But of course, a penny is no long worth much of anything these days, and so years ago I transposed the saying to:

“A thought for your penny” ~  I use the saying this way:  each time I find a penny lying on the ground, I look at the year the penny was minted and recall how old I was that year, where I was living, and what was important to me at the time.   Applying it this way,  it calls to mind a time or an event in one’s life that one wouldn’t otherwise have had the occasion to recollect.  Some times nothing of note stands out, but most times it’s like getting a free bit of nostalgia ~ a cherished memory or significant event or life lesson comes forward to be relived.  In any case, it’s always a fun game to play and makes  bending down to pick up the penny worth the effort!


Why am I writing about this now?  Minutes ago a friend called asking for help; she needed to come up with an idea for a workshop to teach next month.  As we were talking something caught my eye on the sidewalk.  Looking down, the sun was shining upon this penny:




So without explaining why, I changed the subject and asked her where she was in 1979 and what was important to her then.   She shared a few things and, building upon that, within a few moments I had sketched out a theme and an outline for a workshop that she was thrilled with and that was in alignment with her own current process.

I then explained my “thought for your penny” concept, why I asked about 1979, and how that led to the workshop idea.   We both thought the chain of events was pretty cool.

I invite you to try this quaint little exercise and see what memories your pennies bring you.


p.s.   ~ this also works for nickels, dimes, and quarters, but one should ponder if the increased value of the coin suggests an increased significance of the message one receives.  : )